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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 22

Bank of America Promotes Cash Back Deals
"Bank of America released its online and mobile cash back deals program nationally, so that with the click of a button, customers can choose deals they want through the company’s online banking and mobile banking app. With BankAmeriDeals, customers can get deals from a variety of retail categories in online banking, offers via mobile apps, cash back in their accounts and other rewards."

APAC Banks Evaluate NFC Models and Mobile Wallet Alternatives
"The face of mobile banking in the Asia Pacific region is set to change in a big way. Be it for Singapore, Australia or New Zealand, going by what’s happening in these countries, new forms of digital payments are finding their way in. International Data Corporation (IDC) has highlighted that now major banks in the region are set go beyond basic mobile banking services."

Cool Tech: Mobile Banking With Siri-Like Voice Commands
"Members of USAA will soon be able to ask their iPhone what their current balance is, how much they spent last week and when their next loan payment is due — all through voice commands. The voice recognition service, dubbed Nina, will be embedded into USAA’s iOS and Android application. To activate it, all a member needs to do is press the speech button in the USAA app and say “my voice is my password.” Then they can use natural language to make a wide range of banking inquiries."

Trying to Deposit Checks With My New iPhone
"Bank of America has (finally) begun offering a check deposit feature on its mobile banking app for smartphones and tablets. The addition gave me the push I needed to try mobile banking on my new iPhone. So I tested it, with varying results. Bank of America recently introduced the deposit feature with little fanfare. Citibank and Chase already offer 'remote deposit capture,' as it’s called, and some smaller banks, like USAA, have been offering it for even longer."

How APIs Are Fueling the Mobile Banking Wars
"While some folks tend to think about APIs are being little bits of arcane code that only developers care about it, the truth of the matter is that billions, possibly even trillions, of dollars are at stake in what will soon be a series of API wars. In no place is this more important than in mobile banking, where companies ranging from Google, the PayPal unit of eBay and lesser known entities such as MineralTree are all vying to usurp the role of traditional financial institutions."

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