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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 9

Predictive Customer Service Tech Wins Award
"The ability to predict a customer's problem before he or she even reports that problem is a clever innovation, and for Personetics it was enough to be honored by a roomful of bankers at SourceMedia's Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit."

Mobility Matters: Tracking the Mobile Banking Revolution in Credit Unions
"Freedom of choice. Call that the theme of this week’s column which looks at how credit unions that want can tell their core providers to take their mobile apps and shove them. Even more startling: it is possible to home-brew mobile RDC, dodging hefty monthly licensing and maintenance fees. And, lastly, it may be time for a complete rethink of how to protect mobile banking users from crooks, starting with a shift of responsibility away from the member."

Mobile banking extends beyond normal services to include social media
"Americans bought 100 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, according to International Data Corp. With sales figures like that, it’s no wonder that all businesses, and banks in particular, are stepping onto mobile platforms."

Bank of America Working for Apple
"For some pretty stodgy companies -- often seen as being out of step with younger Americans -- the big banks are laboring to show how cool they are when it comes to mobile services. The Wall Street financial war chests are stockpiling press releases about new mobile offerings in a race not unlike the way in which the White House and Kremlin once stockpiled nuclear warheads to prove supremacy."

More area banks to offer mobile deposits
"Jen Faber has grown accustomed to depositing checks into her bank account while sitting on her couch. It takes her 10 minutes to take photographs of 30 checks and submit them to her bank. Within hours, the deposits show up in her account. 'It’s super-fast,' said Faber, who uses MT Bank’s mobile banking program for small businesses. 'One of my biggest priorities is saving time.'"

Mobile banking, once a gee whiz feature, is becoming ubiquitous
"Just in the last few months, a number of financial institutions have enabled their smartphone-wielding customers to transfer funds, look up their balances, pay bills and handle other banking chores while on the go. -Raleigh-based Coastal Federal Credit Union launched its mobile banking service to its "social media followers" in late April and broadened the service to all of its 193,000 members at the end of May. About 8,900 members had signed up as of June 24."

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