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Friday, August 24, 2007

WIG, SMS, User-Interface (Part II)

If you haven't had a chance to read Part I, please scroll down to the post from Tuesday 8/21.

We left off where I had just sent an email to our new friend Christo Vrey in South Africa asking for any information that he could provide about WIG and the technology used for the solution.

Here's his response:

"Brandon, some short notes on WIG/STK for further research. Some points Another name for WIG is STK (Sim tool kit) Belgium's Banxafe has a STK application for banking and payments Most countries in Africa use this technology Fundamo and Cell pay who have clients worldwide offers banking via STK (WIG) There are European countries that offer banking and prepaid services via WIG Some examples: Tatra Bank EBanka Banxafe MTN Banking (In Africa) Standard Bank In terms of the operator...they need to have the capability in place to deliver secure SMS's i.e. a WIG (Wireless Internet Gateway). That is all they do. Everything else is done by the bank. That is the interface, integration, pricing etc. Pretty much the same model as Internet Banking where the clients simply logon to the carrier i.e. www ..the rest done by the bank."

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