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Sunday, January 4, 2009

#1 in Mobile Banking - 2008 Awards

While last year was certainly challenging, I believe there were also a number of significant accomplishments within the mobile banking industry. That said I'd like to offer up the following awards for 2008:

#1 Text Mobile Banking - Clairmail

#1 Browser Mobile Banking - mShift

#1 Mobile Banking Wallet - Firethorn

#1 iPhone Mobile Banking - mFoundry

#1 3-Channel Mobile Banking - MCOM

#1 Mobile Banking News & Information - Bank Systems & Technology

#1 Mobile Banking Adoption - Bank of America

#1 Mobile Banking Marketing - Bank of America

#1 Overall Mobile Offering - JP Morgan Chase

#1 Mobile Banking Innovation - Citi/Mobile Money Ventures

#1 Business Mobile Banking - Wells Fargo

#1 Mobile Banking Research - Tower Group

#1 Text Banking Aggregator - Verisign

#1 Mobile Payments - First Data

#1 Mobile Banking Development Tool - Device Anywhere

#1 New Mobile Banking Technology - Mitek


Nikhil said...

Most interesting - leaves me yearning for more details ... what were the evaluation criteria, what were the weightages, how did the players score & so forth...?
Will this follow in a subsequent blog?

lil ward said...

I think one category is missing. . . # Mobile banking solution for Microfinance or Developmental Finance. Any thoughts?

Robert said...

i think there is another one missing - most profitable mobile banking retail service provider!

Joseph Ponnou said...

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the update. What about international players?

Also, shall appreciate more information on the awarding body and selection criterion.

Best wishes,
Joseph Ponnou
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