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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 25

Viewpoint: Mobile Solution to Problem of Stagnant Growth
"So where do U.S. and global institutions go for growth? The Internet, via mobile technologies, will allow U.S. banks to make reasonable margins on unbanked consumers and will even allow them to reach out to global populations in ways previously unimagined."

Cellphones as Credit Cards? Americans Must Wait
"The technology exists, and, in fact, people in Japan have been using it for the last five years to pay for everything from train tickets to groceries to candy in vending machines. And in small-scale trials around the world, including in Atlanta, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, nearly everyone has liked using this form of payment."

BlackBerry, iPhone Moves by Bank of America
"B of A claims 1.8 million active mobile banking customers."

100 Free iPhone Apps That Will Make You Smarter
"By now, you’ve hopefully realized that your iPhone is more than just a communication tool. This list of 100 free apps will prove to you that it’s also an outlet for learning other languages, playing games, discovering new music, being more productive at work, and a lot more."

Symbian Virus Targets Mobile Banking Service
"Anti-virus vendor, Kaspersky Lab says that it has detected a new malicious program capable of controlling a user’s mobile phone account. Last week, Kaspersky Lab experts detected the new malicious program for Symbian that targets customers of an Indonesian mobile phone operator."

Sybase buys payment firm for m-commerce push
"Sybase quietly acquired a mobile payments supplier last year, it has emerged today, paying an undisclosed sum for paybox Solutions of Germany."

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