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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 13

Mobile Banking Revenue Outlook Strong
"Mobile banking vendors' revenues will nearly double this year, to $26 million, if the number of deployments doubles as the vendors expect, according to a report from Aite Group LLC. For the report, the Boston research firm evaluated questionnaires completed in October and November by 14 mobile banking vendors operating in the United States, including Clairmail Inc., Harland Financial Services Inc., mFoundry Inc. and Verisign Inc."

Mobile Banking Tools: Still Not Quite There

"For as much as people in the industry chatter about mobile banking, the offerings are still less than stellar. At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, nearly every vendor touted the cell phone as the hub of a consumer’s electronic life. That’s not surprising, considering iPhone sales have been one of the few bright spots for an industry heavily hammered by the recession. And now, more than ever, people want to know what’s going on in their bank accounts at all times."

Banking Processors Quietly Grab Market Share in Mobile Services
"Mobile-banking installations grew by 44% last year, and should more than double in 2009 as the technology picks up even more momentum. But the vendors serving this market, often startups without other product lines, now face potent competition from processors that have entered the business only recently and are already grabbing market share. That’s according to a report released this week by Aite Group LLC, a Boston-based research firm."

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