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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 11

Banks Can Keep Customers, Make Money With Mobile
"Bankers who want to cut customer churn and make money should look no further than the mobile device in their pockets, argues Yankee Group in new research. Generally, banks have largely viewed the channel as a way to generate savings by diverting customer service away from call centers or interactive voice response. But at some point, they have to look beyond saving overhead and use mobile as a revenue generator."

Consumers Don't See Mobile Banking As Secure
"The report, titled "2008 Mobile Banking Security Standards," said 47% of nonparticipants did not sign up because of security. Despite the lack of large-scale mobile phone attacks, 73% of consumers fear hackers could remotely access their phones. "

La Caixa reaches 1 million mobile banking customers in 2008
"Spanish bank La Caixa has reached 1 million mobile banking customers in 2008, exceeding its goals for the year."

Young families keenest on mobile banking - Monilink
"Monilink, the people that provide the mobile money services for customers of many of the UK's high street banks, today revealed that young families and new home owners are the main users of mobile banking services."

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