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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 19

M-com Launches Mobile Banking And Payments Platform For Emerging Markets
"International mobile banking solution provider, M-Com, announced today that it has launched an Emerging Markets edition of its flagship product – BankAnywhere. 'BankAnywhere has been servicing banks in developed countries since May 2002,' comments M-Com CEO and Founder, Adam Clark. 'Given the specific needs and constraints of banks within emerging markets, we decided to tailor some of its core functionality. We have made it easier than ever for consumers in developing economies to pay bills, top up, receive vouchers and send each other money through the trusted brands of their financial institutions. In other words, for banks in developing nations, this is an M-Commerce platform in-a-box.'”

U.S. Mobile Banking Grew 20% in Q1 2010
"Mobile banking adoption in the U.S. is grew by 20% last quarter according to research we have done on large and regional banks in the U.S. USAA is a good published example of this industry growth we think is fueled by the proliferation of smartphones and a growing consumer comfort and familiarity with mobile technology. USAA reports having 17% mobile banking adoption at then end of Q1 2010 up from 14% at the end of 2009. Other banks for whom we cannot report numbers grew at a similar rate."

Qatar National Bank Introduces Mobile Banking Application
"Qatar National Bank (QNB) has launched mobile banking application in the country, for BlackBerry mobile users as part of its continuous drive to develop new products and services for its customers.
An extension of the QNB’s eazylife suite of electronic banking services (e-services), the QNB mobile banking application (eazymobile) is a multi-purpose tool that gives customers an access to range of banking services through any mobile phone, as well as the recently added BlackBerry handsets."

M Banking on ms Platform
"MBanx, a mobile banking solution based on the Microsoft platform, was successfully deployed by Synapsys, an IT services and solutions company. This was marked by the official launch of 'MBanker' doorstep banking service by DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB), which chose MBanx as the mobile applications platform that would drive its mobile services. With the use of mobile terminals running MBanx Client Application over GPRS or 3G, DVB's banking executives will now visit and serve customers in their own environs providing great convenience to the customer, and, at the same time busting queues at bank branches."

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