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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 7

ClairMail Talks Security (Part II): The Importance of Business Controls for Consumer Confidence
"This week was a big week for the international mobile financial services industry. We at ClairMail announced our new Mobile Connectivity Architecture (MCA) - a new way of connecting the mobile channel (and thus the consumer) to nearly all core bank systems, setting in motion our ultimate vision of bank customers being able to complete nearly all bank interactions without ever having to leave such a convenient communication method."

The Very Mobile Future of Banking
"Take a look at these videos and interactive demos and you’ll swear the future of banking hinges on the marriage of two ideas: 'mobile' + 'touchscreens.'

Commonwealth Bank, based in Australia, sees the near future of banking built around interactive touchscreen technologies like Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s iPad. The Aussie bank’s vision includes augmented reality, geolocation, biometrics and mobile payments. 'Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.' It’s not hard to imagine that some people might be banking like this by 2013, but most people probably won’t catch up to this highly urban/upscale prediction until some time after that.”

m-Via Mobile Payments Present at Under the Radar Mobility 2009
"Like Western Union, but for the 21st Century…. m-via lets you transfer funds to unbanked family and friends anywhere in the world. Missed seeing them present at Under the Radar today? See their company description and Bill’s presentation below:"

Monitise Americas Publishes White Paper on the Critical Mobile Banking Decision
"Monitise Americas, the leading mobile banking and payments provider, today announced that it is making available its white paper, “The Critical Mobile Banking Decision”. The paper examines how mobility should be regarded as a strategic solution that can offer a solid return on investment. It also makes the case for selecting a provider that can offer a proven, integrated system that supports a long-term growth vision."

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