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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 25

Apple's Mobile-Pay Vision Cuts Banks Out of the Picture
"Apple Inc. has the power to make mobile payments huge, but not quite in the way bankers hope.

Several recently unveiled patent applications indicate that the Cupertino, Calif., company has a comprehensive vision for incorporating near-field communication chips — widely considered a crucial element for mobile payments — into its iPhone.

Numerous payments companies have developed NFC systems that can turn phones into versatile financial tools, but few have gone beyond the pilot phase because phone makers and wireless carriers have been reluctant to incorporate the chips into their hardware."

6 Tips for Safer Mobile Banking
"It’s a question that’s often raised when a bank adopts a new technology. Is a new convenience worth a potential compromise in security? Many consumers struggle with it when they use text messaging to conduct business; log in to their bank account on a public computer; or even weigh using an automatic teller machine outside their bank branch.

Now, a new mobile phone application has some asking the question again. EBay’s (EBAY: 24.55, -0.23, -0.92%) PayPal Mobile app allows PayPal account holders to transfer money by bumping two smartphones together, or entering the email address of their friend’s account. The free app allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to send money to other users around the world at no cost using their PayPal balance or bank account."

New Paper: Mobile Payments Go Viral - M-PESA in Kenya
"M-PESA’s market success can be interpreted as the interplay of three sets of factors:
* Pre-existing country conditions that made Kenya a conducive environment for a successful mobile money deployment;
* A clever service design that facilitated rapid adoption and early capturing of network effects;
* A business execution strategy that helped M-PESA rapidly reach a critical mass of customers, thereby avoiding the adverse chicken-and-egg (two-sided market) problems that afflict new payment systems."

Dutch banks are becoming more mobile
"Mobile banking has seen a slow take up in the Netherlands in comparison to other countries. At the moment Rabobank is ahead with offering a mobile banking application for smart phones, SMS payments service and an iPhone application. However from this month onwards more developments can be expected as ABN AMRO and ING have introduced an iPhone application. "

ClairMail Announces Record Quarter-End Numbers, Continuing Growth and Leadership in Mobile Financial Services
"ClairMail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions, today announced that it has posted a 270 percent year-over-year increase in bookings for the first quarter ending March 2010, demonstrating a year of customer wins, new technology releases, and strong industry presence.

The mobile banking space has seen skyrocketing adoption, growth and opportunity in the past year, and according to ClairMail research, a projected 46 percent of the top 600 banks are planning to purchase or implement mobile banking strategies in 2010."

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