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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mobile Banking Security

Start-Up 100: How to make money from fraud
"Internet banking has transformed the way we manage our money and brought banking to our desktops. Mobile banking and mobile payment apps are growing fast as banks and brands push mobile payments, or m-payments, to become more customer friendly. eBay has sold over 30million items via its mobile apps, Starbucks and other brands offer payment apps, Apple is releasing “wave and pay” and Google’s CEO has identified the development of mobile money platforms as a key strategic priority for the search engine giant in 2011."

Why smartphone users and developers should fear hackers
"Analysts predict an increase in malware – malicious software – and other security threats that hackers spread through mobile devices, especially as sales of smartphones continue to explode worldwide.

While mobile viruses have been uncommon to date, hackers do have the ability to exploit mobile security, per Frost & Sullivan. Given that mobile users are increasingly surfing the Web, as well as downloading and using applications, many in the industry are not surprised to see a growth in malicious activity."

Clairmail Brings Fraud Management To Mobile Banking Technology
"ClairMail, a company that creates a mobile banking and payments platform, is rolling out a new product for financial institutions today—a mobile fraud management solution.

ClairMail helps power mobile banking and payments for financial institutions (the company counts eight of the top 12 North American banks as customers). ClairMail processes millions of transactions per month for its customers across retail banks, credit unions and card service companies, allowing consumers to make payments and access banking information via SMS, the mobile web and client applications, across a variety of mobile devices."

Phones Becoming Frontline in Credit Card Fraud Battle
"Mobile phones are increasingly being tapped to serve as the first line of protection against credit card and banking fraud. Banks, credit card companies and start-ups are all looking to leverage the ubiquity of cell phones and their location capabilities to help combat fraudulent activity."

8 tips to stop banking app fraud
"Having an app from your bank on a smart phone or tablet computer is incredibly convenient, but is it safe? About a year ago, owners of Android smart phones began downloading mobile banking apps from Google's Android Market. The apps cost about $1.50 each and connected users with about 40 major banks, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo. There was only one problem: The banks hadn't put them there."

BitDefender Offers Users Tips on How to Avoid Falling Victim to Mobile Phishing Scams
"An easy target for cyber criminals is smartphone users who take advantage of mobile banking. BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, has identified a serious mobile banking phishing scam and is offering tips to help smartphone users avoid falling victim to this and to similar mobile phishing scams."

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