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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mobile Payments - Feb 1

Disjointed Mobile Banking, Payments Strategies Present a Challenge
"The current state of the mobile banking payments marketplace can charitably be described as "confused," with at least nine distinct payment models and four banking platforms competing for attention, as shown in the table below. Even this list does not include trivial examples such as using a mobile phone to call a mail-order firm and place an order using voice communications or the use of a wireless modem and a laptop to order goods from an online retailer."

NFC-enabled iPhone 5 to take mobile payments to the next level
"Multiple reports are adding fuel to the fire of rumors that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be embedded with a near field communication chip, a move that could shoot mobile payments into the stratosphere.

The entire mobile payments ecosystem has been ready to go and waiting for a major event to happen to jolt it into the mainstream. With more than 750,000 contactless payments terminals already installed at retailers’ point-of-sale in the United States alone, the only missing component has been an NFC-enabled phone in consumers’ hands."

Card Issuers Face Huge Revenue Challenge: Mobile Payments, Banking Seen as Answer
"'From a bank perspective, here is why we care about mobile payments: debit, prepaid and credit products are predominantly dependent on interchange revenues that could become less profitable, with a huge negative impact on earnings,' says Philip Philliou, partner at the firm of Philliou Selwanes."

A Bubble in Mobile Payments?
"I’m sure you’ve seen it – there’s been so much “buzz” in the press over the last few weeks about mobile payments. Yet, in our partners’ meeting at Glenbrook earlier this week, I told my colleagues that if I knew of a way to short 'mobile payments', I’d be all over it. Follow along as I explain my thinking…and, you can decide whether you agree or disagree with me. Again, my focus in this conversation is on the U.S. market opportunity. I’m not addressing other aspects of “mobile payments” – such as bill to carrier, etc."

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