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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates International - Feb 27

World Bank selects Michael Joseph to expand m-banking
"The former CEO of Kenya’s Safaricom, Michael Joseph, has been appointed as the advisor for World Bank on mobile payment services. Safaricom effectively created the market for mobile banking services when it launched the hugely successful M-PESA platform, which has been imitated in many other countries since then. Michael Joseph is joining the bank under its new fellowship program, which was set up to tap new expertise into its development work and strengthens its knowledge network."

European Treasurers Demand Mobile Banking Services, If Banks Can Find a Way
"Mobile banking has a strong adoption rate among European treasurers and there is a clear demand for wider access according to Treasury Strategies, Inc. In a report issued this week, the treasury consulting firm indicated there is a clear vision for the capabilities and functionality demanded by European treasurers, however, mobile services are not widely available.
Treasury Strategies surveyed 160 treasury organisations across Europe and learned that 19 percent of them are using mobile offerings."

Technology boosts bill payment
"THE use of technology in settling utility bills is taking root, saving consumers time and money. The latest application is the partnership between utility operator, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) and uganda telecom in which consumers will directly pay for their bills using utl’s M-Sente mobile money platform or instruct their banks to remit money to the NWSC accounts. The service also offered by MTN mobile money and Airtel’s cash is used for pay TV subscription and shopping in selected in retail stores."

Coming Soon to a Branch Near You
"Remember a few years back when they said that the bank branch was dead? Well, it turns out they were wide of the mark. Internet and mobile banking may have grown and evolved, but the branch is holding its own in the multichannel mix, though its role is changing rapidly. Unlike yesteryear, customers don’t need to come to the bank for routine transactions. Internet, mobile, ATMs and phone banking can take care of most basic banking needs. This has allowed bank branches to focus more on giving customer advice and selling a wider range of products."

Barclaycard launches new mobile Web banking service
"The service, available across hundreds of handset models, means Barclaycard customers can access their accounts, check their balance and view payment or transaction history at any time by simply accessing the site through their mobile browser. In addition, the site integrates with the Barclaycard Freedom loyalty scheme to provide access to the latest offers from nearby retailers, using the latest geo-location technology."

Govt to table bill on mobile banking regulations
"A new law to regulate mobile banking in Tanzania is in the pipeline as part of efforts by the government to enhance compliance in the business. Since the introduction of the mobile banking services in 2008 in the country there was no proper law to guide and regulate the m-banking despite its tremendous growth and dynamism. And analysts are questioning the strictness of the existing laws and regulations to prevent any possible illicit activity such as money laundering and terrorism financing that might engulf the mushrooming mobile phone-based transactions."

Nuru Int’l, M-PESA to promote Microfinance Mobile Banking in rural Kenya
"Microfinance Focus, February 25, 2011: US based social venture firm, Nuru International, is promoting innovative new technologies for mobile banking to increase access of basic financial services for rural households living in extreme poverty in Kuria, Kenya. The organization will work with Mifos cloud-based MIS and M-PESA mobile money transfer services to create a viable solution to some of the issues that persist in providing financial services in rural areas."

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