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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - May 12

The Impact of Mobile Banking: A Case for Mobile Marketing
"A new report from Aite Group provides insight into the behaviors of mobile banking users. Based on a December 2010 Aite Group survey of 1,011 U.S. consumers, the report explains why specific consumer behaviors are important to financial institutions’ mobile banking and mobile marketing strategies."

A Strong Cell
"Innovation's true power can appear as a subtle revelation, unveiling itself in something as benign as a line of data on a usage report.

'Two of our biggest days within the first few months of offering corporate mobile banking were the day after Thanksgiving and New Years Day. And they were the two biggest days for usage of wires and wire approvals,' says Don Jenkins, vp and senior product manger at PNC, which offers both retail and corporate mobile banking, which launched last fall. 'The offices weren't even open, and people were away and still able to get business done. That proves the point right there.'"

Citibank Ups Digital Engagement with Online Initiatives
"Tracey Weber joined Citi in October 2010 to oversee internet and mobile operations at Citibank North America. Weber spoke to eMarketer’s Lauren McKay about new developments at Citibank—from its @AskCiti Twitter account to its mobile banking efforts."

Tablets' Sweet Spot: Sales
"A hint of a lightweight laptop with a dashof a really big handset, tablets are still retail banking use-case nomads, in search of the best ways to get consumers excited and curious. Wherever the new devices are finding a comfort zone, in places such as sales and investing, tablets like Apple's iPads and RIM's Playbook are proving to be just as un-encumbered as their smartphone cousins."

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