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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - May 24

What’s the ROI of Mobile Banking? 15.7%, Forrester Says
"For as long as they’ve been developing applications for mobile devices, bankers have wondered where the payoff is for this effort. Some see the mobile channel as an inexpensive way to take care of routine matters that might otherwise have to be taken care of by call center or branch staff. Some view it as a necessity – smartphone-toting consumers demand it and will go elsewhere to find it if their bank doesn't offer mobile banking. Some banks hope to charge consumers for mobile banking services. And some hope to reap merchant fees with creative e-coupon offers."

Austin-based Malauzai Software emerges from stealth, readies for growth
"Mobile application developer Malauzai Software Inc. is coming out of stealth mode after more than a year of testing and moving here from California."

Mobile Banking: Breaking The Ties To The Local Branch [The Hartford Courant, Conn.]
"It's not that the advertising agency manager from Waterbury doesn't like tellers. He just likes technology more. So the 44-year-old Rinaldi jumped when Webster Bank rolled out mobile banking last fall. And since then, it has saved Rinaldi more than once when he has forgotten to make a transfer into his checking account and he's not near a computer."

What marketers can learn from mobile banking
"Thanks to sweeping changes in consumer behavior and advancement in technology, mobile banking is tipped to become the primary channel of financial transaction in the future. With smartphones growing fastest among handheld devices, new possibilities are opening up to further improve the mobile banking experience."

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