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Monday, May 30, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - May 30

The Future of Mobile Banking - Part 1 of 5
"One question recently posed to me at a BAI conference was “where do I believe the retail banking industry will be in 3-5 years with mobile commerce?”


In addition to my video answer, here are some other thoughts from the ole crystal ball... Let me start by stating that we're still early enough in the mobile channel evolution that folks aren't necessarily even clear on the definition of mobile commerce."

What Is E-Money's Future? Economists Identify Implications for Financial Systems Where Mobile Banking is on the Rise
"Many developing countries are rapidly adopting cellphone technology as a means for delivering financial services to their citizens without a heavy investment in infrastructure. Now, a team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgetown University says important economic considerations loom on the horizon for policymakers, mobile banking companies and central banks."

Mobile Banking: Will Smartphones Replace Your Wallet?
"Analysts discuss how your smartphone could become your digital wallet as banks bring new technologies and apps to these devices."

Google Wallet: Search giant introduces automatic cellphone payment system
"Google unveiled a new digital wallet program Thursday that enables a cellphone to act just like a credit card, giving the search giant its first footing in the business of providing consumer financial services.

A chip inside new Android phones — for now, only one model has it — will allow shoppers to wave their devices in front of a reader to pay for clothes and food at the mall or grocery, the company said. Eventually, Google said, it envisions the cellphone to act as a personal financial hub for coupons, merchant loyalty points, payments and receipts."

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