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Thursday, June 7, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Jun 7

Confidence in security of mobile banking
"There's confidence security checks have to be passed through before money can move around through mobile banking. A number of New Zealand banks have launched a phone app, some of which don't require a login every time they're used. Massey University senior banking lecturer Dr Claire Matthews says while that might be the case, the apps vary in what information they provide."

EIB launches banking iPhone app
"Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB), a leading Islamic financial institution, has launched its mobile banking via iPhone, allowing users to access online banking from their smartphone. The new Arabic-enabled application is a first-of-its-kind offering from an Islamic bank in the UAE. To activate the service, the Emirates Islamic Bank application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store."

The kids are all right... with mobile banking
"New research suggests that students are the demographic most excited about using their smartphones for banking or other financial services. Research by YouGov suggests that students, that is those in full time education over the age of 18, are more likely to use their smartphones to manage their finances than any other group in Britain. YouGov's research was sponsored by UK digital banking provider, Intelligent Environments, and found that 53% of students who own a smartphone would manage their bank accounts via their mobile device if they could, compared to 44% of people in the full time workplace."

Just digital banking for me please: 66.7% expats in Canada do their banking online
"There are a number of areas around the world which attract more than their fair share of expats and Canada is certainly one of them. It seems to be a mixture of a very strong economy, a very attractive lifestyle and a country which is still in the developing stage. As a consequence it seems fair to assume that Canada will become more and more popular amongst expats and a growing variety of banking services will be required."

Good response to BoV’s mobile banking
"Bank of Valletta said yesterday that just two months after launching BOV Mobile, subscriptions for this new service have already surpassed the 8,500 mark. BOV Mobile Banking and BOV Mobile Pay are platforms using the latest technology and security features to give customers the ability to effect banking transactions, anytime, anywhere through their smart phones and to enable real-time person-to-person fund transfers. The former offers the convenience of most of the functions of internet banking via one’s own Apple iPhoneTM and AndroidTM smart phone. The latter allows the user to immediately transfer money to any registered BoV account-holder."

Businesses continue to embrace mobile banking
"Business banking customers are increasingly keen to access their accounts via mobile devices. Online banking has taken off rapidly in recent years and it seems that companies are embracing the concept just as much as Aussies on the street. Westpac bosses recently confirmed that it now has more than one million mobile banking customers – consisting of personal and business clients."

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