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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mobile Banking Security - Jun 5

Mobile Banking: Trends, Threats and Fraud Prevention Techniques
"As financial institutions expand their mobile banking services, fraudsters certainly will be close behind. This webinar will cover the expanding use of mobile banking and the fraud threats that are lurking, including:
* The explosive growth of smartphone ownership and the resulting demand for improved mobile services
* Trends in mobile banking services, and the inherent risks associated with smartphone usage
* The threats that lurk as fraudsters escalate attacks against the mobile channel
* Fraud detection and prevention techniques based on each user's unique mobile banking behavior"

Top 4 Malware-Related Issues for 2012
"For the past five years, security experts at ThreatMetrix, a provider of online security, device identification and malware detection, have been keeping watchful eyes on malware. Based on attacks they've seen hit more than 700 corporate customers from various parts of the globe, ThreatMetrix' team has come up with a list of chief malware-related issues for the year ahead."

"One in three Americans have a smartphone and more than three quarters of them regularly use it to surf the web or read their email according to a Pew study. There's no doubt that the proliferation of cell phones and smartphone technology is increasing, along with other mobile devices like e-readers and tablet computers, and users want technology to work seamlessly with their hardware. However, mobile device management can get complicated when applications have to be designed with multiple operating systems in mind, and concern is emerging about data protection and internet security on these devices, especially when it comes to banking."

Mobile Banking: Are you Secure?
"Do you remember the days when you could only make an account deposit or withdrawal by visiting the local branch of your financial institution? For some of us, those days are a distant memory given the increase in options to complete financial transactions. With the rise in individuals owning smartphones, tablets, and data plan cell phones, mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular. But, is mobile banking safe and secure?"

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