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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mobile Payments - Jun 6

BATTLE OF THE GIANTS Tech-industry power struggle could impact mobile pay development
"A little-publicized but highly intense battle among the top technology companies could affect the continuing development of mobile banking and mobile payments, according to Accenture research. Its recent report, Competing in a High-Tech Industry ‘Superstack,’ claims that mobility, cloud computing, and consumer electronics companies are being heavily impacted by a new business model it dubs 'superstacks.'”

Do mobile-based payment options really benefit you?
"You must have watched the mobile money commercials on TV channels. These advertisements tell you that you can transfer money to your loved ones, make bill payments and even shop using your mobile phone. The noise is going to get louder in the coming days as many banks and telecom companies are betting big on mobile-based payment options."

Guides on Contactless Cards And Mobile Banking
"With the growing use of contactless cards and mobile phones, the Banking Ombudsman is receiving enquiries about the security of these forms of banking. Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell today issued new guides on using contactless cards and mobile banking to help customers avoid problems. 'Contactless cards will gradually become the norm and smartphone use is increasing rapidly,' Ms Battell says."

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