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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

International Mobile Banking Updates - April 10

The mobile money space: Bdaily meets Monitise
"The mobile money sector has grown considerably over the last few years. Earlier this year, the UK Payments Council suggested that mobile payments could soon replace debit and credit cards. AIM-listed British firm, Monitise, have successfully built a reputation as worldwide providers of mobile banking, payments and commerce networks. Bdaily spoke with executive vice president, Lisa Stanton, about this exciting technology space."

Exploring the Mobile Banking Revolution in Tanzania
"In most developed economies, people can be forgiven for taking banks for granted. After all, an ATM machine is rarely more than a couple blocks away with easy access to funds. People can easily connect with their banks online to pay bills without ever handling cash, and loans and lines of credit are readily available. In much of the developing world, however, this infrastructure simply doesn’t exist. Thabiso Mochiko recently laid out the latest statistics on the issue at Business Day:"

Kenyans and poor Americans have this in common: mobile banking
"We’ve reported on how people in emerging markets residents are opening bank accounts and paying for things with their mobile phones, transforming business in those countries. But the US Federal Reserve would like you to know (pdf) that the changes aren’t all in other parts of the world. Poor people in the US are some of the most avid users of mobile banking and mobile payment systems. In fact, they’re likely to be the first adopters. And when you look at why, it turns out to be for similar reasons to why people in emerging markets have embraced mobile banking and payments: a lack of access to traditional banking."

Banks warned to keep up with developments in mobile banking or face losing customers
"ANZ, the country's biggest bank, is a laggard in the key growth area of mobile banking with ASB leading the way. This is a feature of research by Optimal Usability, a user research and design company. And Optimal Usability's CEO Kris Nygren told interest.co.nz in a Double Shot interview that another key finding of his company's research was that some customers may move their business to another bank for a better mobile banking experience."

StanChart launches mobile banking application and fifth EBU in UAE
"Standard Chartered has introduced its mobile banking application, Breeze, in the UAE, making it the first market in the region to offer the product. The lender also launched its fifth electronic banking unit (EBU), at new Dubai headquarters in Downtown Burj Khalifa, as part of its initiative in the digitalization of banking operations. Part of its global focus on socializing personal banking and extending customers' digital lifestyle into banking, the bank is considering launching various digital services and technologies in the market this year."

St George launches new smartphone banking services
"The St George Banking Group has released new mobile banking smartphone services with the launch of a live, account-balance Widget for Android phones and the ability to apply for a personal loan via iPhone or Android phone, with a response in just 60 seconds. St George says the new features are available for St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne customers and follow on from a number of other “Australian-first” innovations from its mobile banking team."

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