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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wallet Wars - May 8th - New York

Wallet Wars
May 8-9th
The New Yorker Hotel

Never has there been so much to play for in the payments space, a revolution is just round the corner. With Square, Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft becoming major players in Wallet space MNOs, Banks and Payment Institutions need to innovate fast to make sure they’re not left behind... 

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  • Define your mobile wallet battle plan - Discover how to make a product appealing, accessible, reliable, and to ensure immediate uptake of your solution 
  • Add value and bolster your arsenal - Integrating loyalty, coupons, offers and ticketing provides the convenience that will springboard your wallet’s mass adoption, turning it from a gimmick to an everyday essential 
  • Discover allies and understand opponents - In this space you need to keep your partners close but your competitors closer. Get to grips with who can help you capitalise on a new market 
  • Avoid the minefield of privacy - Realise the potential from a gold mine of new data, while making sure you don’t encroach on your customer’s privacy 
  • Grab your share of the market - With the consumer unlikely to have more than one mobile wallet, ensure they choose yours

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