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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - April 7

RBS Group Endures Mobile Banking Outage
"Bank divisions of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group suffered from a mobile banking app glitch for a few hours late last week. The outage affected mobile banking customers at RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank. All three banking units took to Twitter to inform their customers about the technology issue."

Texas Trust Launches Mobile Deposit for Consumer Banking Applications
"Mobile banking has become more convenient at Texas Trust Credit Union with the introduction of mobile deposit. This new mobile banking service allows members to deposit checks in real time from anywhere, simply by taking a picture of the check with a smartphone or mobile device."

Mobile Commerce Market Shows Continued Growth, No Consensus on Mobile Payment Methods
"The report also provides a quick overview of mobile banking, which includes services such as balance inquiries, transfers, bill payments and applying for loans and credit. According to data from Forrester, by 2017 mobile banking’s user base will double to 108 million — 46 percent of all US bank account holders. Mobile automated clearinghouse rules were adopted in the US in January 2011, while a Vodafone-sponsored mobile banking service called M-Pesa helps govern mobile banking transactions in seven developing nations including India, Kenya and Tanzania."

Half of American smartphone owners use mobile banking
"Nearly half of American smartphone owners used their handsets to access financial accounts last year, according to research from the Federal Reserve Board. The FRB's poll of nearly 2600 people late last year shows that 48% of smartphone owners had used mobile banking in the previous 12 months, up from 42% in a December 2011 survey. Of all mobile phone owners, 28% had used their handsets to access a bank, credit card, or other financial accounts, up from 21%."

Regions Bank Rolls Out Innovative, New Mobile Apps That Let Customers Make Deposits, Load Pre-Paid Cards and Select Speed of Funds Availability
"Mobile Banking customers can now make deposits to their accounts using their mobile device. With the introduction of Regions Mobile Deposit, customers can now use their phone or iPad to take a photo of a check and place those funds in a consumer deposit account or load them to a Regions Now Card, a reloadable Visa® prepaid card. The Mobile Deposit service has three funds availability options – a standard option of two business days, an intermediate same day availability option, and an immediate availability option. Costs per Mobile Deposit transaction are as low as 50 cents."

Intuit Making Mint Available to Banks
"Intuit Financial Services announced today it is making popular PFM tool Mint available to financial institutions to integrate into their online and mobile banking services. Intuit, which acquired Mint in 2009, will offer the Mint integration on a limited basis in 2013, before rolling it out to its more than 1,200 financial institution clients in 2014."

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