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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - May 12

Study: mobile banking apps key to bank loyalty
"Add mobile banking to ATMs as a major channel for cultivating bank customer loyalty. According to a study from Yodlee Interactive, a developer of financial mobile apps, one-third of those who use mobile banking name it as a reason why they stay with their bank."

DeMarrais: FDIC tips for safe mobile banking
"When's the last time you went into a bank? For many of us, trips to a local bank were once near the top of our weekly to-do list, but technology has changed that dramatically, allowing us to do most of our banking from the convenience of home or office whenever it suits us. Banker's hours? They're no longer an issue when you combine direct deposit, ATMs and online banking. Bank visits have been limited largely to opening accounts, applying for loans, resolving disputes or looking for a calendar."

Federal Reserve Board Survey Shows Growth in Mobile Banking and Payments
"Americans are increasingly using their mobile phones to access bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts, according to the Federal Reserve Board’s latest report on mobile financial services. As of November 2012, 28 percent of all mobile phone users and 48 percent of smartphone users had used mobile banking in the past 12 months. This represents a significant increase from 21 percent in December 2011 for mobile phone users and 42 percent for smartphone users. While relatively less common, the use of mobile phones to make payments at the point of sale increased threefold over the same period, as 6 percent of smartphone owners reported using their phone to make a purchase."

Few Bank Shoppers Say Mobile Check Deposit Is A ‘Must Have’
"Within the last two years, more and more banks and credit unions have begun offering mobile check deposit on their mobile banking platforms. Today, there are 137 institutions listed on FindABetterBank.com and 33% offer mobile check deposit (see table below). Many banks and credit unions plan to roll out the service within the next 12 months."

ACLEDA Bank, Fiserv win tech implementation award
"Financial technology company Fiserv and Cambodian bank ACLEDA have won an Asian Banker Technology Implementation Award in the category "best mobile banking project." The award recognizes a collaboration by Fiserv and ACLEDA to extend the ACLEDA Unity mobile banking and payments service to new, untapped consumer segments using Mobiliti Reach from Fiserv."

Understanding Consumer Adoption of Mobile Banking in 2013
"It came a lot faster than anyone predicted: Mobile banking is growing so quickly that it is even overtaking traditional online banking. Just last week, the second largest bank in the United States, Bank of America, announced that its customers are logging into the bank’s mobile platform more than its online platform. It’s quite possibly the most significant innovation across the industry since the ATM."

Mobile Banking Plays Critical Role In Customer Loyalty While Tablet Apps Lag Behind
"A lack of banking apps optimized for tablets leaves consumers to resort to a cruder mobile web experience. According to a study from Yodlee Interactive, mobile banking may keep loyalty high while physical branches continue their decline. 71% of mobile bankers are either satisfied or very satisfied with their bank’s mobile and web offerings. One in three of those who use mobile banking now view their mobile banking experience as a reason why they stay with their bank."

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