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Monday, June 3, 2013

Mobile Payments - June 3

CR Money Minute: A better mobile wallet?
"More than 18 months ago, Google Wallet was launched on the Sprint cellular network amid hoopla that payment-by-smart-phone technology at cashiers nationwide would replace your plastic debit and credit cards. Since then, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless have begun testing their own Isis Mobile Wallet, and other companies have also jumped on the bandwagon."

Mobile Payments: Is Your Bank Putting Its Best Foot Forward?
"As mobile communication becomes more and more affordable and user-friendly, mobile banking is gaining increasing acceptance globally. With innovations such as Near Field Communications (NFC), mobile wallets, virtual personal financial assistants and a slew of new and customized applications being developed and adopted, the mobile banking landscape is undergoing a rapid and irreversible transformation, to an extent that monetary transactions are no longer restricted to banks and traditional financial institutions."

Opportunity as mobile payments show huge growth
"IT research company Gartner projects that global mobile transaction growth will average 42 per cent per year between 2011 and 2016, with the market estimated to be worth $617bn (£404.8bn), with 448m users, by 2016. There is a plethora of different technologies and standards used in a globally fragmented market, with big regional differences. Probably the biggest difference is between developed and emerging markets. For developed markets, the benefits are based around convenience, with customers able to make faster transactions, together with reduced transaction costs for retailers – mobile payments are generally cheaper than existing chip-and-pin transactions."

Malauzai: Picture Pay Besting Mobile Bill Pay
"The big news in the latest mobile banking usage data dump from Austin, Texas, apps developer Malauzai is that mobile picture pay – paying bills by snapping a photo – is on the rise, even surpassing usage of mobile bill pay in some institutions. Robb Gaynor, chief technology officer at Malauzai, said in an interview that 5% of its active end-users give picture pay a try within 90 days of a financial institution’s launch of the service. The technology is catching on."

Brits trust banks to be mobile payment providers
"Consumers have a love-hate relationship with their banks. However, new research from UK-based payment systems firm VocaLink, suggests that when it comes to mobile payments, it's the banks to whom consumers look to provide the service."

U.S. Bank releases iPhone mobile payment case in Minnesota
"Minnesota U.S. Bank customers can now get an iPhone case that turns the smartphone into a touch-free, mobile payment device. U.S. Bancorp tested the Go Mobile device earlier this year in Salt Lake City and Portland, Ore. Now it's available in Minnesota and other major U.S. Bank markets like Ohio, U.S. Bank Payment Services Chief Innovation Officer Dominic Venturo told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal in an interview."

What do consumers really want from mobile payments asks VocaLink
"New research from international payments provider VocaLink reveals that growing smartphone ownership is driving the mobile payments revolution in the UK. 60% of UK consumers now own a smartphone and are using them as payment devices on the move. Whilst the appetite for mobile banking and payments in the UK is growing with half the population either already using mobile payments (20%) or interested in doing so (30%), uptake is rapidly gaining momentum amongst the future generation."

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