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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 14

Aite Group says the race to deploy corporate mobile banking technology is on
"Despite the initial slow speed of banks to deploy corporate mobile technology, the race has now started for the top 50 US banks to plan rollout of corporate mobile banking technologies in response to a significant rise in demand from their customer base. Technology rollouts over the next year are expected to generate revenue for their institutions, demonstrating a shift in bank mindset, according to a new Impact Note, Corporate Mobile: Gaining Momentum, from Aite Group."

Redwood CU Adds Mobile RDC
"Members of the $2.2 billion Redwood Credit Union in Santa Rosa, Calif., are now being offered remote deposit checking. RCU said it is using Mitek software to add mobile RDC to its mobile banking apps for Android and Apple devices."

3 Fixes for Common Mobile Banking Performance Problems
"In their relatively new role as mobile app and mobile web developers, banks are hitting many speed bumps — glitches, 404 errors, slow response times, and crashes that drive customers to frustration and sometimes to the apps of competitors. Resolving these is important as mobile banking usage continues to rise."

Banks Explore Voice Recognition To Further Mobile Banking
"Banking sector is witnessing some of the most prolific adoption of technology to expand the scope. The latest to join the Banking world is the use of Voice Recognition. While many would speculate the use at ATMs or online banking, the technology is envisaged to simplify mobile banking ventures."

Mobile bankers feel more in control of their money
"The survey of almost 12,000 consumers across 12 European countries found that over a third (37%) of Internet users already use a mobile device for banking purposes. "Financial Empowerment in the Digital Age" also reveals, somewhat expectedly, that it is the younger generation who are taking to mobile banking in greater numbers. Among 25 to 34 year olds, half now use mobile banking."

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