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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 1

Monitise Works with DeviceAnywhere to Make Mobile Money Available to Everyone
"DeviceAnywhere, the leading global provider of mobile application testing and development, today announced that it is working with Monitise, the mobile money experts, to test Monitise’s Mobile Money Manager across DeviceAnywhere’s 2000+ devices and 30 operator platforms."

Sun, C-SAM Launch Mobile Banking Solution
"Sun Microsystems and C-SAM have introduced a new mbanking solution for Indian banks that can be enabled on GSM or CDMA. 'Mobile banking will eventually allow users to make payments at the physical point of sale. Mobile contact-less payments will make up 10% of the contact-less market by 2010,' said Swapan Dutta, TeleWeb Sales., Sun Microsystems India"

MasterCard enhances mobile payment sticker for handsets
"MasterCard Worldwide has teamed up with Blaze Mobile to introduce the Blaze Mobile MasterCard PayPass mobile payment sticker.The small mobile payment sticker can be affixed to any mobile device, enabling it to be used for "Tap & Go" purchases at any of the over 141,000 merchant locations that accept PayPass."

Bank Of Stockton Launches ClairMail-Powered Alerts
"ClairMail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions that enable complete control over finances from any mobile phone, today announced that Bank of Stockton has launched ClairMail's mobile alerts service. With ClairMail's mobile alerts, Bank of Stockton customers can instantly have time-sensitive balance, transaction and security notifications sent directly to their mobile phones via SMS - empowering them with greater control over all aspects of their finances."

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