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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 17

At Checkout, More Ways to Avoid Cash or Plastic
"For almost as long as Americans have been hearing about jetpacks and picturephones, they have been hearing that money — bills, coins and plastic cards — might cease to exist, or at least become a novelty.

Instead of leather wallets, consumers could, sooner than they think, carry virtual wallets, with their credit card and bank information stored on remote computers that are accessible everywhere and anytime. They could use them whenever they want to buy something, whether on the Web, on cellphones or at cash registers."

Leading Cambodian Bank selects M-Com Technology for Mobile Banking and Payments

"International mobile banking solution provider, M-Com, announced today that ACLEDA Bank Plc has selected its flagship product – BankAnywhere – to power its mobile banking and payment services.

'We are delighted to have been selected by ACLEDA to help them execute their self-service strategy' comments M-Com CEO and Founder, Adam Clark. 'Mobile phones have transformed the lives of many Cambodians in a positive way, and we will work with ACLEDA to bring them compelling mobile financial services that deliver convenience, control and more financial freedom to them.'”

PSCU Financial Services Unveils White Papers on Maximizing Mobile Banking Services, Meeting Small Business Owners' Needs
"PSCU Financial Services, the nation's largest credit union service organization, is posting an ongoing series of free educational white papers on www.pscufs.com. The white papers, designed to help credit unions attract new members and earn their loyalty, include topics such as how to optimize and market mobile banking services, and how to build a database that will identify small business owners and their financial needs. These papers and others are available online at: http://www.pscufs.com/press_room/white_papers_research.htm"

"Northwest Savings Bank has introduced Business Mobile Banking, a new service that allows business customers to do their banking whenever they wish from any place that their cellphone or mobile communications device can operate.
'Business Mobile Banking offers our business customers a new way to save time, and time is money,' said Joseph Schwind, Assistant Vice President, Electronic Payment / Product Services, of Northwest Savings Bank, who made the announcement. 'Our customers can now bank literally from wherever they are, 24/7. It's the ultimate in banking convenience. The world is now their office.'"

MasterCard Launches its Authentication Program for Mobile Devices
"MasterCard has today launched an innovative solution to harness the mobile phone as a form factor for its Chip Authentication Program. The initiative focuses on enabling consumers to authenticate their banking and online transactions through their own mobile phone with solutions from three leading industry vendors.

MasterCard’s CAP program (Chip Authentication Program) focuses on solutions that allow cardholders to authenticatehemselves using their existing EMV banking card and a personal card reader."

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