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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Questions to ask Mobile Congress Panelists?

Next week I'm moderating two panel discussions at Mobile Financial Services Congress, and I'd like your input. What questions would you like answered? Here are the topics and panelists.

1) Critical trends in technology that will determine the success of your mobile banking offering

Exploring the different channels and platforms:
* Which are most suitable for the banking product?
* Which do you have to incorporate to guarantee a successful product?
* How can you optimize user experience across multiple device types and operating systems?
* Assessing the impact of smart phones and the ‘application store’
* Which device manufacturers are doing the most to enable mobile banking and what more can be done to support this emerging technology?
* How can the banking industry encourage device manufacturers to do more to support mbanking?

Armin Ajami, VP - Sr. Product Manager Mobile Banking, Wells Fargo
Jeff Dennes, Executive Director, USAA
Richard Crone, Founder and CEO, Crone Consulting LLC
Toshihiro Uchida, Vice President, Fidelity Investments

2) Developing the platform in-house vs. buying a vendor solution

Evaluating the vendor market: Many banks just entering the mobile banking space will look to a vendor to speed their entrance to the market, whilst many of those that built platforms internally over the last few years are now looking to develop the next generation of mobile financial services, and may turn to vendors for these. This essential panel will pick apart the vendor market to make sense of the diverse range of solutions and help you determine which is best for your business.

* Evaluating the pros and cons of building in house vs. choosing a vendor solution to launch or upgrade your mobile platform
* Establishing the critical criteria for selecting a best-of-breed vendor solution
* Making sense of a crowded vendor market - finding the right vendor partner

Ginger Schmeltzer, Senior Vice President, Sun Trust Bank
Robert Rankin, Senior Vice President, Fifth Third Bank
Presented by Fiserv and M-Com

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