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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 29

Qualcomm’s Mobile Payment Strategy: Fix the “Costanza Wallet”
"While Qualcomm for many is synonymous with wireless, the company acquired Atlanta-based mobile banking startup Firethorn two years ago with an eye to also becoming a major player in the mobile payment space. More importantly, it acquired Firethorn founder Tripp Rackley — the man it hopes will make Qualcomm the Western Union of mobile."

MasterCard Canada Brings PayPass to BlackBerry Smartphones
"In partnership with BMO Bank of Montreal and Research In Motion, MasterCard Canada has announced that it is bringing mobile payments to BlackBerry smartphones through its MasterCard PayPass 'tap and go' contactless payment technology. MasterCard is beginning a four-month trial in which participants will use PayPass Mobile Tag-equipped BlackBerry smartphones to make purchases at any of the 8,500 merchant locations in Canada that accept MasterCard PayPass. As announced, the trial is contactless sticker-based and doesn't appear to include any application integration with the Blackberry handsets."

Banks Cooperate for Smart Phone Banking
"Local banks are working together to develop a standard system for smart phone-based mobile banking services prior to the upcoming debut here of Apple's iPhone, which continues to lead the global smart phone market.

According to industry sources, the Mobile Financial Council (MFC) plans to introduce a standard system for mobile banking services for smart phones late this month. The MFC is a joint council formed by 17 banks and other financial services providers, and the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute (KFTC)."

Money transfer to be No. 1 phone app in 2012
"We’ve talked before about how mobile banking is not only becoming more popular, but easier than ever. More and more people are putting aside their fears about transferring personal financial information via mobile networks in favor of convenience. Banks are responding by creating mobile applications that do everything from allowing members to check balances, transfer money between accounts, and even deposit checks. They’re also striving to make mobile banking as secure as possible. These advances, and probably to a larger degree, the fact that consumers use their cell phones nearly as much as their computers, have led information technology research company Gartner to predict that money transfer will be the most used type of phone application in 2012."

Digital Insight, MMV Partner on Mobile Banking
"Digital Insight has named Mobile Money Ventures, a joint technology launch by Citi and SK Telecom, as the online banker’s preferred mobile financial services provider."

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