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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 11

IBM's Social Innovation Is Supporting 'Smarter Banking' In Kenya
"IBM is helping Kenyan sugar cane cutters through its social innovation support of a mobile banking system. It enables these workers to earn more money. Normally, a sugar cane farm would have to shut down for two or three days a month to enable its cane cutters to travel to a bank branch and wait in a long queue to deposit their pay. Now, with the introduction of mobile banking, the cane cutters can keep working and monitor their pay deposit on their phones. The mobile banking also allows them to access cash from local agents, buy at local shops and transfer money to others."

Mobile money breakthrough predicted for Jamaica
"An American economist is predicting that the introduction of mobile money services in Jamaica will find a ready market because of the scarcity of user-friendly financial services on the island. The economist, Dr Dawn Elliott, made the forecast based on a survey which found that only a fraction of the Jamaican population has access to financial services, which limits their participation in the economy."

Top 10 Posts from the CGAP Technology Blog in 2011
"One of the exciting and yet challenging aspects of the branchless banking industry is how fast things change. Topics discussed just 3 months ago can seem out of date today. That’s why it’s fun to look back over the topics we blogged about in 2011 starting from last January to see how the discussion has evolved over the last 12 months. Here are just a few of the blogs you may have missed or you may be interested in reading again:"

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