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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 19

Finextra and Mobey Forum to stage European mobile banking and payments conference
"An influential panel of senior executives, practitioners and key stakeholders from across the mobile banking industry will gather in Barcelona on 21 March to debate the key issues facing banks, telecoms carriers and handset manufacturers as they bid to provide smartphone-toting consumers with a new generation of mobile banking and payments apps."

Citibank loads up on mobile banking apps
"Citibank is offering ease in accessing one’s credit card and bank accounts right in the comfort of your own home or office, in fact anywhere and anytime through Citibank Online, or the mobile banking application for Android phones or Citi Mobile Payments. Keep track of bank accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, view electronic statements and experience superior online banking services without having to go to the bank through Citibank Online."

Credit Unions Gear Up for Mobile Banking Explosion
"With the number of consumers turning to electronic methods for banking on the rise, credit union experts are predicting that mobile banking will experience radical growth over the next few years. Smartphone users listen up--keeping in touch with your credit union has never been easier as more credit unions add mobile banking to their menu of services. Many mobile banking offerings provide both web and text-based applications, often in real time; making online banking on-the-go a snap."

WESTconsin Goes Mobile
"The $731 million WESTconsin Credit Union of Menomonie, Wis., is now offering mobile banking service to its 67,400 members. The service is through Intuit Financial Services and includes balances, history, transfers and bill payment for smart phones with Web browsers, and balances and transaction checking through SMS text banking."

In Mobile-Online Banking Match Up, No O.K. Corral Shootout Foreseen
"Call mobile banking vs. online banking the face-off that isn’t. That is the word from IT experts as they forecast how, and with what, we will conduct our financial transactions in 2012. And for those who had been wondering if they could downplay, maybe even terminate, online banking as more people adopt smartphones, the sharp answer is, don’t even think about that."

Making the Most of Mobile Banking
"Innovations in the banking industry move at a tortoise pace. Think of what were arguably the breakthroughs in banking technology – the automated teller machine and debit cards – and you're talking about "new" products introduced, respectively, in 1967 and 1984."

Mobile Banking For Customers, snom VoIP Phones, Customer Speech Analytics, Data Center Networks
"Smartphones are growing just as rapidly in Britain as anywhere else... well, maybe not as rapidly as South Korea, but pretty rapidly. They’re ahead of Germany but not quite up to France. And there’s a market for mobile banking via smartphone, although Brits aren’t the most gung-ho when it comes to banking via mobile. Nevertheless, Halifax and the Royal Bank of Scotland see opportunities there, as each have launched mobile banking apps to help customers manage their accounts on-the-go."

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