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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 23

Mobile Banking Service Adoption to Reach Over Half a Billion Users by 2013 Despite Economic Downturn
"Despite the challenging economic climate and threat of further global recession, a new report from Juniper Research finds that mobile banking users worldwide will reach 530 million by 2013, up from just over 300 million in 2011. Indeed, Juniper finds that mobile services are becoming a fundamental component of banks' business strategies as they respond to the current financial crisis."

Large Banks Slowly Building Corporate Mobile Apps: Survey
"The growth of mobile banking for corporate users has lagged that of consumer users, mostly because the specialized use case for corporate clients is harder to sell. But this is gradually changing, according to new research from Celent."

The Intersection of Mobile Banking and Payments: It’s About the User
"At the start of last year, Forrester Research predicted that mobile banking adoption would stall if financial institutions didn't begin implementing differentiated capabilities unique to the mobile channel. Mobile payments are one such capability and are steadily becoming a focal point in the race for mainstream adoption of mobile banking."

Protect your smartphone and tablet from identity theft
"Every week more people are buying smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And every week thieves are lurking to steal those gadgets — along with your banking and other personal information. According to Internet marketing researcher comScore, more than 32 million Americans used a mobile device to manage bank accounts during the second quarter of 2011 — about 14 percent of all mobile users in the United States. That’s up 21 percent from the last quarter of 2010, and experts predict continued growth as companies improve their mobile apps."

Mobile phone money transfers 'two years away'
"It's rumoured that bank customers should be able to transfer money to someone else's account using just their mobile phone within two years, as reported by The Financial Times. The Payments Council has been asked to help speed up bank money transfers. Its mobile money transfer plans could, in theory, make bank transfers easier and faster for mobile phone users."

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