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Sunday, January 22, 2012

UPLEX Global Launches Powerful Secondary Loan Market

Indianapolis, IN – Paul J. Giefing, CEO and Founder of UPLEX Global, today announced the release of a powerful, global, online secondary loan market to allow banks, credit unions, private investors and numerous other financial institutions to efficiently and affordably trade whole loans, loan portfolios and loan participations.

“I’ve found that the old way of buying and selling loans and portfolios has simply become too expensive and time consuming, especially during these challenging economic times,” said Giefing. “With UPLEX Global, we’ve truly changed the way the way secondary markets work by offering an online ‘broker-less’, paperless platform to efficiently and securely manage loan portfolios. Our technology allows financial firms to maximize time and make more money by putting them in total control of their own portfolios.”

UPLEX Global’s platform leverages the latest in technology to make buying and selling assets easy, efficient and at a fraction of the cost of traditional transactions. The platform uses an active, sealed-bid auction system, so that sellers can entertain countless offers on a single asset to maximize their time and ability to get the most for the loan.

Buyers using UPLEX Global’s platform have access to a marketplace that includes a wide variety of quality assets from across the globe as well as the analytical tools to provide the information necessary to make the best decision for their portfolios.

“We’ve successfully removed the middle man, allowing sellers to provide access to loan information directly to qualified buyers, and buyers to search for exactly the type of assets they desire,” said Giefing. “Through a growing network of financial institutions and investors from all over the world, buyers and sellers now have easy access to a liquid market fueled by global demand.”

During the initial release, UPLEX Global is offering a one-time, 18-month free trial period for new subscribers. To find out more about UPLEX Global or to register to join the network, visit www.uplexglobal.com or call 888.768.6564, ext 10.

Members of the media are invited to participate in an online tutorial for a first-hand look at UPLEX Global’s platform. To arrange an online, interactive demonstration of the platform, please contact Andrew Flach at aflach@uplexglobal.com.

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