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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mobile Banking Security - July 24

Easy Solutions Helps Fight Mobile Banking Fraud with Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) 4.0, Now Available for iPhone and Android
"Easy Solutions, the Total Fraud Protection(R) company, today released Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) version 4.0. With DSB 4.0, financial institution can provide an important additional layer of fraud prevention to the end-user, to better protect against malware and other sophisticated threats such as, pharming, man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the browser (MITB) attacks. With DSB 4.0, Easy Solutions now extends this support to the two most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS, ensuring that over 90%(1) of mobile users can securely access their mobile banking accounts."

Threat of the Week: Time to Disconnect Android Phones?
"The news could not get worse. A week ago security firm BlueBox announced it had found a “master key” vulnerability – affecting 99% of Android phones – that theoretically would enable a cybercriminal to transform just about any app into malware. On its face, that says almost all Android phones are ticking time bombs and so the rumbling has started that just maybe credit unions and other financial institutions should politely but firmly advise their members to take their Androids elsewhere."

Banks Work Against Fraud Issues with Mobile Check Deposit
"The mobile banking feature that allows customers to deposit checks using their smartphones is now available at many banks and credit unions. Several readers have commented about the potential of fraud and abuse with this service. For example, how will banks prevent scammers from depositing a check into multiple accounts? This American Banker article, Mobile Check Deposit Boom Brings Risks, has an interesting review of the issue."

Banking Criminals Zero in on Cellphones
"Plain facts: more of us are doing a lot more reading of email, surfing of web pages and clicking on text messages on smartphones than ever before - duh. Obvious of course. What is not so obvious is that cybercriminals are connecting the dots, and they are zeroing in on the heightened vulnerabilities that come with reading on a small screen that can be downright peculiar in how legibly it shows text in lighting that is less than perfect."

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