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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - July 2

Pay-what-you-want GoBank puts mobile users first
"A new player has emerged at the forefront of mobile banking with the hopes of capturing the nation's youngest banking audience and setting the tone for what it means to bank virtually. Launched to the public on Tuesday, GoBank is the first bank designed specifically for mobile use. All functionality is available through its app, everything from opening your account to paying bills to managing your budget."

Mobile Banking Activity Rose in May
"Along with temperatures in most parts of the country, mobile banking activity continued to increase in May. The overall value of American Banker's Mobile Banking Intensity Index was 73.8 for that month, a significant increase over April's value of 70.4. Many of the bankers surveyed for the index said adoption of mobile banking continues to grow as more customers become comfortable with it."

First Data Survey: Smartphones Are Shaping Mobile Banking
"If credit unions need more evidence about the importance of offering mobile banking, another study concludes that consumers want it all--in the palm of their hand. Consumers expect strikingly similar mobile and technology-powered experiences from financial institutions and businesses, and their expectations are fueled by skyrocketing smartphone use, according to a new study from Atlanta-based First Data."

Banking on smartphones
"When online banking first came on the scene it heralded a new era where customers could check their balance and pay their bills any time, day or night. A few banks integrated it immediately into their strategy, others felt compelled to set up a separate brand, as if they were afraid of it themselves. In the end it became a normal part of everyday life. But 24 hr banking is no longer enough."

ING Direct unveils new mobile banking app
"Online bank ING Direct has updated its mobile banking capabilities with a new app that lets users view their balances across all accounts before logging in, and transfer money to anyone in Australia with email or SMS notifications. The new ING Mobile Banking app, developed by local tech firm Oakton, Deloitte Digital and ING, was created by rebuilding a native mobile banking application and the related backend services. The goal of the rebuild was to improve app usability, security and performance based on customer feedback, according to ING."

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