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Monday, July 15, 2013

International Mobile Banking Updates - July 15

BPI sees mobile banking transactions rising rapidly
"THE Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) anticipates a sharp rise in mobile banking transactions this year. In a statement sent by e-mail, BPI executives said that since the first launching of their mobile banking application in 2011, more than half of mobile banking enrollees transact with the bank using their mobile apps. According to BPI executives, the number may rise further in the wake of the adoption of the latest version of the BPI Express Mobile App."

Mashreq Qatar launches smart banking with Snapp mobile banking app
"In its efforts to continue leading the banking space, the region's leading financial institution, Mashreq Qatar has officially launched state-of-the-art mobile banking app 'Snapp'. The fully-functional mobile banking service can be downloaded free of cost and is available to customers on Android and iOS platforms throughout Qatar."

Citi PH's mobile banking app offers 'one-time PIN'
"Citi Philippines has launched a "one-time personal identification number" (PIN) feature in the Citi Mobile banking app. Citi clients can now get a "one-time PIN" via SMS or on the online security device, offering greater convenience when making online banking transactions. The "one-time PIN" is a unique six-digit PIN that serves as a dynamic second-level authentication and allows users to access their account details and complete online transactions on their computers, tablets or mobile phones."

Polish banks unveil mobile payments standard
"Mobile payments looks set to receive a boost in Poland after six banks announced they will collaborate to create a new standard in the country. Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Bank Zachodni WBK, BRE Bank, ING Bank and PKO Bank Polski intend to build a common infrastructure including standard authorisation and settlement. The system will be open to all market participants, including other banks, and will support abilities such as mobile cash withdrawal from ATMs and mobile money transfer."

Westpac launches home loan approval via mobile
"In a first for New Zealand and Australia, Westpac NZ customers can apply and secure approval for a home loan within minutes via their mobile phone. The new capability is part of the latest update for Westpac’s mobile banking app and is available now. Customers can fill out a home loan application, submit it and receive approval all via their phone. The entire process, including receiving the approval, takes just minutes and adds a new dimension to weekend house hunting, participating in auctions and the planning process in buying a home."

Africa's first Bitcoin wallet launches in Kenya
"Africa's first Bitcoin transfer service has launched in Kenya, piggybacking on M-Pesa, the country's highly successful mobile banking platform. The service, called Kipochi, will allow Kenyans to move money abroad while dodging the hefty transaction fees charged by companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. Kipochi -- which means purse in Swahili -- describes itself as a lightweight, easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet. Users only need an email address, phone number and passport or national identity number to sign up and can currently transfer up to one bitcoin a day using the service -- although this is expected to increase soon."

FNB revamps online banking
"First National Bank has given its online banking portal an overhaul. The new site is more minimalist and allows clients to use the full, online service on smartphones and tablet computers, in addition to laptops and desktops. The new website will be available to consumers on Sunday."

Santander unveils mobile banking service for small business customers
"Santander Business Banking has rolled out a new mobile banking service for small business customers, in a bid to offer convenient online payment channel to execute various banking services through their mobile phones. In order to access banking services through mobile phones and handheld devices with internet access, customers will have to register to Santander Online Business Banking, prior to sign up for the mobile banking service."

Kenya: CIO 100 - Old Mutual's Mobile Based Unit Trust Proves to Be a Hit in Kenya
"The last seven years have seen the mobile phone become quite a useful tool in East Africa, and especially in Kenya, where M-Pesa has become a global case study of the impact of mobile money. On Twitter, Carole Kimutai, editor - Management Magazine says "I am so amused watching bank CEOs brag about mobile banking. I remember how scared they were of M-Pesa. Times really change!" Mobile also emerged also prominently featured at the third CIO East Africa CIO 100 Annual awards and Symposium in Kigali, Rwanda."

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