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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mobile Banking - Test and Monitor

I just had an "Ah - Ha" moment and wanted to share it with the group. I've been researching the mobile banking space for some time now and admittedly the focus of my energy has been on the design and implementation of the service. However, I knew in the back of my mind there was an important task that I had not yet figured out - testing and monitoring. I assumed (which always scares me) that there was a vendor that could help, but had not identified any of the players - until now. I just finished a Webinar, put on by Foreward Financial, and learned something very interesting from Manny Gonzalez (Keynote - Senior Director of Mobile Technologies). Keynote has a number of tools and services that can help financial institutions to, "independently test and monitor your mobile content, applications, and services on real devices across multiple mobile operator networks around the world." (Keynote.com) Check it out...


Shelly said...

Do you think that The "human" teller is being replaced one by one by "automated" tellers? I think so, which is sad, because friendly human contact is so hard to come by anymore.

www.bmcgee.com said...

Shelly -

I understand your concern, but automation will never replace the people on the front line. Tellers are the face of the bank and the most critical element in providing great customer service. A few years back a number of banks tried an idea where they replaced the teller line with 5-7 ATM's that took applications, processed deposits/withdrawals, etc and it was a huge failure.

Thanks for reading - sorry about the delay in posting your comment.