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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mobile Banking Security

Mobile security: is your smartphone a target?
"Exploits, vulnerabilities, threats and attacks. These are words long-associated with the PC, but only recently applied to smartphones and tablet computers. We — especially IT professionals — know that these devices are really pocketable computers. But there is something different about them that makes our brains think, if only for a minute, that they’re immune."

With mobile banking on the rise, security should as well
"Smartphone and tablet users may need to consider greater mobile security software, as a new report from comScore shows 32.5 million Americans accessed a banking account via the internet through the end of the second quarter of 2011. This is 13.9 percent of all mobile device users."

Mobile banking popularity does not mix with cyber security ignorance
"A big boom in the mobile banking app market this year means more consumers are comfortable with logging online to check their stocks and statements. However, ambivalence among smartphone users toward cyber security and malware could spell disaster.

Analyst comScore revealed more than 32 million Americans were mobile bankers this year. Some 12.7 million went one step further and downloaded a banking application. Credit card apps were favored. The segment saw a 43 percent jump over its performance last year; 6 million people downloaded them in 2011."

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