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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 27

Mobile Banking Usage Hitting Stride, Bank Innovation Data Shows
"If you are waiting for mobile banking to take off, wait no longer. The latest Bank Innovation Monitor data shows that usage frequency by consumers of mobile banking services is starting to hockey-stick higher. According to Bank Innovation Monitor 3Q11 data, the usage frequency of the most common mobile banking tool -- check account balance -- climbed to nearly two to three times a week versus close to once a week in the first quarter of 2011. "

Mobile banking: the substance behind the hype
"There has been a lot of debate lately as to whether mobile banking and payments are more than just hype, with cynics purporting that consumer adoption will not take off. While consumers may not be rushing to get their hands on the latest banking app (yet), there is no doubt that a step change in consumer behaviour is taking place."

Mobile banking and social media key to engaging 'Generation Y', report says
"Mobile banking and social media are both key to financial institutions engaging effectively with ‘Generation Y’ banking customers, a new report has revealed. A study by Efma and in conjunction with Oracle showed that the quality of engagement and communication in real-time are important parts of a successful Generation Y strategy."

mopay's Mobile Banking Platform now Supports HTML5
"With HTML5 gearing up to be the new standard of code to create desktop and online applications, mopay, a company known for its innovative payment solutions for online merchants, has upgraded its mobile banking platform to support HTML5 services and games. By opening up new ways of integrating media into website and Web apps with no additional plug-ins, HTML5 is being considered as the hottest cross-industry trend for online companies worldwide."

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