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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 1

How 10 mobile banking leaders make it pay
"Is mobile banking worth chasing? That’s a key question facing bankers these days, given the cost of establishing a mobile offering and the accelerated pace at which the mobile landscape is evolving. The short answer is “yes”—if you go about it right.

A flurry of activity has swept mobile banking lately, with banks, telephone service providers, payment companies, and non-traditional players all vying to establish market position. As with any relatively new channel, banks have taken widely divergent paths in developing and rolling out their mobile offerings. Some have struggled to make any impact, but others have emerged as market leaders."

Kaching Ushers In New Era of Mobile Banking
"The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has broken new ground in the advancement of mobile payments by introducing a new iPhone application that allows users to pay friends or businesses using Near Field Communication (NFC), Facebook identification, an email address or a mobile phone number."

Why Browser-Based Mobile Banking Isn't Going Away
"S&T Bank's plowing into mobile banking in a major way, adding a new S&T mobile banking app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. But it's also bullish on its browser-based services, which are still of almost equal popularity to smartphone apps."

FNB uses iPads and apps to make banking more convenient
"Core Group, the Value Added Distributor (VAD) for Apple in Southern Africa, are pleased to announce that FNB will now be providing their customers with iPads, at a reduced rate, to increase accessibility to the FNB app and offer greater mobility and convenience when banking. Qualifying FNB customers will be required to select a new pricing option for this special offer."

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