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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 29

New Corporate Mobile Plans Emerge at JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo
"While corporate mobile banking has developed more slowly than consumer mobile banking, new apps are starting to hit the market much more frequently, with JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo both introducing offerings in the past few days."

Banks Still Building Business Case for Mobile Banking
"Independent research firm Forrester Consulting recently released a report commissioned by payment solutions provider Clairmail that evaluates the mobile banking strategies of 10 retail banks in North America and Europe. The report reveals that while financial institutions are investing in mobile banking and their strategies are evolving, most of them never really built a good business case for it."

How mobile banking is different from online banking
"Mobile financial services remains perhaps the most exciting topic for bankers today says a new report, Innovations in Mobile at Finovate, written by Celent senior vice-president Bart Narter.

Press releases announcing "the next big thing in mobile" are issued almost daily around the world, and many get starry eyed when talking about the size of the mobile market and how mobile is changing the financial services and retail landscapes. Finovate is a conference that features technology start ups, and this year mobile was prominent as a hotbed of innovation in financial services. Celent notes that mobile functionality is differentiated from internet/web functionality in a few important ways. Some observations include:"

More entrepreneurs embrace mobile banking
"Welcome to our weekly small business blog, which looks at issues affecting the entrepreneurial economy in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Small business owners are becoming increasingly comfortable with banking on the go. The Wall Street Journal says a growing number of entrepreneurs “are tapping into smart phone apps from lenders that let them do a range of jobs, from checking their balances and paying bills to depositing checks.”

Mobile Banking: Just Another Channel Or Fundamental Strategic Shift?
"In the past week I’ve have the privilege of talking to (or listening to) executives responsible for mobile banking at some of Europe’s biggest banks, including Bankinter, Barclays Bank, La Caixa, Lloyds TSB, Nordea and RBS, at Forrester’s Marketing & Strategy Forum and at a conference on Next Generation Mobile Banking hosted by The Banker. I’ve also spoken privately to many other executives over the past few months, including at Forrester’s eBusiness Council meeting this week."

NEW TECH BLOG: Making Sense Of It All
"It seems like there are more banking channels today than on cable TV. And every week brings a news survey on one or more of them, not infrequently with conflicting data. A few weeks ago, for example, the big thing was online banking. Then there was a splash about social media and how that’s becoming a banking channel of sorts. This week, as can be seen, it’s all about mobile."

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