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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 3

Mitek Systems: My Favorite Way to Play the Mobile Banking Boom
"Back in January, I revealed that the mobile banking industry was in a period of rapid transformation. And yet, most investors were completely unaware. Fast-forward and not too much has changed. Sure, Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) launch of its highly anticipated near-field communications (NFC) application – Google Wallet – has people buzzing about the potential for mobile payments. But as my colleague, Justin Fritz, recently revealed, mass-market adoption for NFC isn’t happening as quickly as predicted."

Mobile Banking App Ideas Rewarded by Monster Offers in "Pitch That App!!!" Contest
"Monster Offers, a leading mobile banking solutions company and Daily Deal aggregator, announced today its sponsorship of the “Pitch That App!!!” contest hosted by Iconosys. Monster Offers in conjunction with ZalaPay™ will award a $500 pre-paid ZalaPay card to the person who showcases the best mobile application idea that integrates mobile payments and mobile banking solutions."

Killer App may not be an app after all
"Over the course of the past several months, we have written profusely about the adoption rates of mobile banking on mobile devices. These devices have been segmented into ‘feature phones’ (that is a fancy way of saying a non-smartphone), Smartphones, and tablets. Between 2009 and 2010, we saw a significant pause in the adoption of mobile banking and online commerce on both feature phones and it was effectively non-existent for tablets. However, in 2011, we saw a significant increase in the use of mobile banking as well as an astonishing penetration of tablets into the marketplace."

Secure Mobile Banking Technology Available for Sale at Upcoming ICAP Patent Brokerage Fall 2011 Live IP Auction November 17th in San Francisco
"ICAP Patent Brokerage, the global leader in intellectual property brokerage and a division of ICAP plc, the world's premier interdealer broker, and ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions, are offering for sale technology related to secure mobile banking at its upcoming Summit on Patent Monetization and Live IP Auction November 16th & 17th in San Francisco. The Lot is owned by KeyZap Inc. and includes two US patents and six applications."

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