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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 2

Thank You, Steve Jobs, for Paving the way for Mobile Banking
"Amidst the torrent of eulogies and outpouring of retrospectives on the late Steve Jobs (News - Alert), industry observer Catherine New strikes a thought rarely covered: Along with the Mac and iPhone and iPad and general coolness in technology, Jobs also revolutionized our money and the mobile banking industry."

Customer management: Mobile vs traditional banking channels
"I have been travelling recently, conducting a series of meetings and interviews with customers and prospects from around the globe and there seemed to be a common theme – everyone is excited and investing in mobile channels. But is this at the expense of our traditional face-to-face channels?"

SilverCloud Systems Surveys Its Client Base to Find Mobile Vendor Leaders
"Who is in the lead in terms of outfitting credit unions with mobile banking tools? SilverCloud Systems decided to answer that question by surveying its customers. 'We wanted to know who the major players are,' said Scott Cornell, CEO of the New Hampshire-based provider of knowledge management software."

My Favorite Way to Play the Mobile Banking Boom
"Back in January, I revealed that the mobile banking industry was in a period of rapid transformation. And yet, most investors were completely unaware. Fast forward and not too much has changed. Sure, Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) launch of its highly anticipated near field communications (NFC) application – Google Wallet – has people buzzing about the potential for mobile payments. But as my colleague, Justin Fritz, recently revealed, mass-market adoption for NFC isn’t happening as quickly as predicted."

Banking the unbanked population thru mobile-banking: Nadeem Hussian
"Nadeem Hussain is President & CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank. He has established the bank in 2005 and increased its operations and business throughout the country with innovative products and advanced business model. He was selected ‘Leader of the Year’ by an international panel of microfinance thought leaders at the Sixth Annual Global Microfinance Achievement Awards 2011."

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