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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Dec 18

Diamond Bank takes mobile banking to Federal Palace
"WorldStage Newsonline-- Diamond Bank Plc, at the weekend took its mobile banking truck, tagged Diamond-in-Motion to the Federal Palace Hotel for a live Christmas shopping event organised by Lost in Lagos.com. Lost in Lagos.com is a website that helps people to discover Lagos, with the most comprehensive list of Lagos’ restaurants, shops among others. The company organised a shopping event at the weekend which featured some major fashion designers and other vendors that attracted customers from far and near."

Bank of Ireland Announces Details of its new Pay to Mobile Service and Calls for Customers to Register Today
"Bank of Ireland today (Friday, 7th December 2012) announced details of its new Pay to Mobile service, which is due to launch to its customers early in the New Year. An enhancement to Bank of Ireland's Mobile Banking app, Pay to Mobile allows customers to transfer money safely and quickly to family and friends with a registered Bank of Ireland account, simply by using their mobile phone number. Customers are invited to register now for this service so they are ready to use Pay to Mobile as soon as it launches."

Mobile banking: A technology gradually permeating into the system
"Last month, HDFC bank, India's second-largest private-sector bank, launched two services on its mobile banking platform. The first was a Hindi banking service, which made accessible its 30-odd m-banking services-like transferring funds, stop-cheque requests and opening a fixed deposit-to account holders who prefer Hindi as a medium of communication."

Sacombank Selects New Generation Internet And Mobile Banking Solution From Infosys Finacle
"Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) has announced its partnership with Infosys, a global leader in consulting and technology, to implement the new generation Finacle e-banking & mobile banking solution. The Bank will install Finacle’s consumer e-banking, corporate e-banking and mobile banking solutions. The solutions will enable the bank to develop sophisticated Internet banking products and services with faster roll out times, targeted at improving customer satisfaction. It will also help influence customer loyalty through unique personalization capabilities, industry-leading security features and intelligent customer insights that will drive the adoption of online banking."

Tyfone finds partner for entry into Latin American market with mobile banking, payments
"Tyfone is expanding into Latin America through a deal with Protege Sistemas of Brazil (operating as Rede Protege and in partnership with Quality Administradora & Investimentos) to bring its solutions for mobile banking, mobile wallet and mobile ticketing for mass transit to Brazil and Latin America. Protege Sistemas is a provider of electronic transaction and transit ticketing services. The company provides transaction processing services for São Paulo Metro."

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