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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Dec 11

Farmers and Merchants CIO Shares Mobile Banking Strategy
"After some fits and starts, Farmers & Merchants Bank (FMBL) is now plowing into mobility and imaging via the deployment of a series of mobile services and an upgrade to its ATMs. The Long Beach, Calif.-based institution was slow out of the gate; many banks have been offering mobile banking for some time. But it's making up for lost time. Basic mobile services such as transfers are on the menu, as well as new payments and tablet applications."

Mobility Matters: The Dark Side of Mobile Banking
"Time to take off the cheerleader outfit because the reality is that, in lots of ways, mobile banking continues to disappoint many credit unions and members. The bright potential to truly revolutionize how and where we consume financial services is there, but there also are many bits of gloomy news that suggest new, better ways of deploying mobile banking need to be found."

Welcome to the digital and mobile banking revolution
"As the telecom world announced major steps forward with the availability of 4G last month, the banking world is also set for change with mobile likely to overtake the desktop as the primary online mechanism in the next 5 years. Of course this is not solely down to the 4G revolution. For some customer groups and certain transactions, mobile is already the easiest way to access banking information online. This is driven by availability and convenience of mobile banking on smartphones. Within some customer segments ‘everyone’ has a smartphone and their bank details are easily accessible for quick and easy transactions. In this era, mobile will lead the way and is quicker and more convenient than the desktop."

Community Bank to Roll Out Standalone Mobile Pay App in '13
"Basic features such as checking account balances are to mobile banking apps what getting your teeth cleaned is to a dental appointment: Expected. But those consumer expectations will change. A community bank out of Boston, for one, is shaking up the mobile banking basics by readying a standalone mobile payments app that will let customers unlock exclusive deals."

Banking goes mobile
"As adoption of advanced mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has exploded in recent years, consumers have grown more comfortable using phones and tablets to conduct all types of financial transactions. In response, banks have introduced applications that allow consumers to transfer money, purchase goods and complete other transactions."

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