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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Dec 2

Banks Cling to iPhone as Consumers Take to Android
"Steve Jobs would be pleased. The thing that strikes you most when looking at Javelin's latest research on mobile banking and talking to its author, Mary Monahan, is the devotion banks still have to Apple's iPhone, even as Android devices lead in consumer market share, as they did last year. According to Javelin Strategy & Research's latest consumer survey (the group polled 3,000 consumers this quarter), Google's Android smartphones and tablets now claim 48% of the U.S mobile market, up from 34% last year. Apple's mobile device market share is 32% this year, up from 27% last year. (RIM dropped from 25% last year to 12% this year; Windows Mobile dropped from 13% to 8%.)"

Wells Fargo Expands Mobile Deposit Service Nationwide, Increasing Anytime, Anywhere Banking Convenience for Customers
"In a move to deliver innovation and added convenience in the rapidly growing mobile banking space, Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) today announced the nationwide expansion of Wells Fargo Mobile® Deposit. Using an Android or iPhone device, customers across the nation can easily deposit checks into their eligible Wells Fargo accounts by taking pictures of the front and back of the check."

Spike Mobile Deposit Adoption Rates With Free $5 Demo Checks 
"Old habits die hard. If you want people to try a new technology like mobile remote deposits, it may take cash bribes. Numerica Credit Union paid members $5 each to do just that. To teach people how easy it is to deposit checks using a smart phone, the credit union gave $5 checks away to those participating in live demonstrations."

How often do US expats use their mobile or smartphone for mobile banking?
"The world of the Internet and the world of mobile/smartphones are intrinsically linked and when you bear in mind the number of people who have access to a mobile phone on a constant basis this is perhaps the most powerful communication tool we have ever seen. As a consequence, many of the everyday services which are used to have now been transferred to the mobile Internet arena but is mobile banking as easy to transfer as general Internet use?"

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