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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates Intl - Jul 13

This first article is a little dated, but a friend shared it with me last week because I didn't realize that the iPhone was stuggling in Japan...

Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

"What’s wrong with the iPhone, from a Japanese perspective? Almost everything: the high monthly data plans that go with it, its paucity of features, the low-quality camera, the unfashionable design and the fact that it’s not Japanese."

Want a motivator for US migration to chip cards?
"Saw this in Cardline: 'European banks could stop accepting magnetic stripe credit and debit cards once European financial companies complete the switchover to the chip-based cards as expected by 2011, says European Payments Council chairman Gerard Hartsink. European banks’ agreement to implement such a prohibition could be detrimental to U.S. cardholders who travel to Europe.' Gee really? You think?"

MCB Announces the launch of millions of branches!

"MCB has recently launched their mobile banking and payment solution. It is an Internet based service that runs on your mobile phone’s browser. You can link your MCB account with your phone number and that’s all you need to use the service. The basic set of services provided by the solution are:"

Kenya: Will the Real Banks, Please Stand Up?
"The amazing growth and success of Safaricom's M-Pesa mobile money transfer service has made Kenya a focal point of growing international interest in mobile commerce and sparked excitement over the transformative potential of mobile banking for unbanked populations around the world. M-Pesa is certainly an impressive and innovative service applied to a very clear value proposition within Kenya, peer-to-peer money transfers."

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