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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 27

iPhone taking mobile Banking to the Next Level

"One of which is the recent spike of market shares for the iPhone- that has risen from “5.3%” to “10.8%”. This is no doubt largely due to the latest release of Apple’s 3GS iPhone. I predict this rate of increase will continue to flow each year, if Apple continues to Wow the market with bigger and better versions of the iPhone at lower costs."

Mobile giving is catching on
"For most nonprofits, raising money means asking donors to write a check. But like music, maps and movies, charitable giving is also going mobile. With a mobile phone, donating to a cause can be as simple as typing MEALS, WATER or ALIVE."

Gartner Says Consumers Most Value Online Banking Features that Address Communication and Personalization
"Consumers most value online banking features that address communication and personalization, according to recent surveys by Gartner, Inc. However, financial institutions could be failing to capitalize on online banking by not providing the features that consumers really want."

Differentiation of online services
"I enjoyed reading the findings of a recent Gartner research report on online banking services. Gartner surveyed almost 4 000 consumers in the UK and the US. The findings ring true to what we are seeing in the industry. One of the findings (in my opinion) do have specific implications for banks."

How Losing Your Phone Could Cost You
"A lost or stolen smartphone is more than just an inconvenience.It can lead to identity fraud or corporate espionage,and even compromise the integrity of your medical records.In March, Connecticut-based security vendor Credent Technologies reported that 80 percent of users store on their phones information needed for identity fraud."

Cellphone banking - some lessons learnt
"It wasn't long ago that mobile banking was barely known by account holders in South Africa. It was only in 2001 that certain of the large South African banks launched a version of mobile banking. These services attracted little interest from account holders with most of the initiatives failing. As late as the beginning of 2005, the future viability of mobile banking was uncertain and disputed. Neither the local nor the international banks were actively developing mobile services."

Borrowing $300 from Mom and Dad? Your bank wants some of it
"Hopefully, you've never been there: You're looking at your bank account. It's sickly. It's dying. You need cash, or you're going to be fixing a tree bark salad soon. So you borrow money from your parents or maybe your well-heeled aunt."

Mobile Payments Talk with Hannes van Rensburg, CEO of Fundamo
"Fundamo is the largest dedicated supplier of mobile banking solutions, globally. We supply a software platform to mobile operators and banks that can be configured to offer various solutions (including mobile wallets) to customers. We are based in Cape Town and have offices in six other countries, amongst others in Madrid."

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