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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 12

Visa Trying To Pick A Mobile Winner?
"Last week, Visa announced an alliance with Monitise plc, a major player in the mobile banking & payments space. This announcement was significant given that the mobile banking & payments space is very hot these days, and continues to be billed as “the next big thing” in payments."

GSMA launches Mobile Money Exchange to support financial services companies
"The body representing the worldwide mobile communications industry, GSMA, presented its Mobile Money Exchange initiative at the Annual Mobile Money Summit in Barcelona, Spain. Through this initiative, the GSMA intends to support financial services companies, entering the mobile environment, by providing a common voice and formal business forum for business collaboration. Mobile Money Exchange builds on the Mobile Money Program that the GSMA implemented in 2006 and which was very successfull in terms of building a global community."

The Smartphone Chess Board
"With so much buzz on the iPhone and its alleged “killer” competitors, many developments occur behind the scenes that are often overlooked. Industry stalwart Blackberry still retains a relatively large portion of the market but must continue to enhance their phone’s capabilities to keep the iPhone in their sight."

Corporate Branding Races to iPhone Apps: Winners and Losers
"iPhone apps are probably the most popular thing to be used since the color TV. We've seen companies of all sizes put together some really cool concepts for iPhone apps. While most of these applications exist only as marketing techniques, some of them are quite useful. The question is, however, are they meeting the expectations of iPhone users?"

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