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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 22

Mobile Money Application Now Available on Apple App Store
"Monitise Americas today announced the launch of its Mobile Money application on the App Store. Mobile Money gives iPhone and iPod touch users simple access to their account information using a dynamic application that is easy to navigate and safe to use. Mobile Money is a leading global solution for mobile banking and payment services. It is the world's first mobile banking ecosystem, empowering consumers to perform banking and payment transactions using a single consistent interface -- regardless of choice of mobile operator."

Mobile Banking Use Jumps
"Mobile banking adoption tripled in a year, to 21% of consumers, among America's youngest adults, according to a survey that Mercatus LLC is expected to release today. 'We're approaching an inflection point where banks are no longer just testing mobile banking," said Robert B. Hedges Jr., managing partner of the Boston consulting firm. "It will be table stakes, where consumers are going to expect banks to offer these services to them.'"

Companies Count On Growth Of Mobile Banking
"Banks and other financial companies have their eye on your mobile phone. Now that 87 percent of people in the U.S. are carrying cell phones, big companies like MasterCard believe mobile banking could experience significant growth."

Bling Nation and Viaero Wireless
"Bling Nation, a mobile payments provider, announced its partnership with Viaero Wireless, a nationwide wireless network provider based in Fort Morgan, Colo., which provides national cellular coverage, to provide mobile payments to the La Junta, Colo. community."

MTN launches mobile banking service
"MTN subscribers will now be able to perform various banking transactions on their mobile phones. Known as the MTN Mobile Money. The service allows subscribers to pay for utility services, transfer money and buy air time credits for now."

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